We would like to take a moment to introduce you to Thai food that has become a culinary art highly praised by the world’s gourmet.

It is a cuisine which owes much influence to the Indian and Chinese culture and uses fresh herbs and spices Including garlic, coriander, lemon grass, mint and chilies.

It all begins with a vision to create timeless Thai dishes mixed with an innovative style. Banna Thai continues to carry on that tradition by practicing the art of balancing a mixture of tastes and textures in each entrée to delight the senses.

We delight in offering gourmet flavours, drawing from beloved family recipes, especially highlighting the robust qualities of Thai dishes.

To truly appreciate these cuisines, we assist our guests in the art of balancing tastes and textures, delighting the senses with appealing colors, aroma and, most of all, flavour. Each plate becomes a celebration of splendid flavours, perfectly in tune.

Like those who sample our vision of a gourmet Banna Thai meal, our entire aim is to delight you, and perhaps, along the way, offer something wonderfully new.

How do we serve...

Thai dishes must be predominantly hot but should reach a perfect harmony in taste and aroma.

A meal consist of at least three dishes with rice served all at the same time.

As there is particular sequence in eating, each dish can be tasted at will.


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